Give me an “M”!

Intel and Mobileye are now one. Well, almost. The duo entered into a definitive agreement in which the US chipmaker will acquire the Israeli car automation and mapping company for approximately $15.3 billion (think: the biggest deal ever in Israeli high-tech). Over the next 9 months, Intel will integrate its automated driving group with Mobileye’s operations, with the combined entity being run by Mobileye Chairman Amnon Shashua, which launched the company back in 1999. The same Mobileye that is already working with BMW and Volkswagen. And the same Mobileye that dumped Tesla over its fatal autopilot crash. The latter didn’t prevent Root from launching a Tesla only car insurance discount. Let me explain. Last week, newish car insurer, Root, announced a “Tesla Autopilot Discount” for Tesla drivers using the brand’s autopilot software – Autosteer.