German Autolabs Raises €7M

German Autolabs , the Berlin-based startup behind Chris, “the world’s first voice AI enabled digital assistant for in-car usage,” has raised €7m in a round led by nbr Tech Ventures, with participation from VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, coparion, and Target Partners. The new capital will be used for research and development of the company’s voice AI cloud platform for Automotive and related verticals such as fleet operators and insurance services.



Cofounded in 2016 by Holger G. Weiss and Patrick Weissert, German Autolabs, is looking to leverage the power of voice to enable OEM, Tier-1, insurance and telecom partners to “reclaim the in-car experience,” making driving safer, smarter and more enjoyable for drivers. The company plans to announce strategic projects with “major players” in the automotive industry and related verticals over the course of 2019.

“With the growing success of voice AI, the need for vertical solutions in the automotive sector will soar. Key differentiators in this field are data safety, domain knowledge and customer touchpoints. This is not competitive to the horizontal players such as Amazon or Google – it’s the complementary vertical approach. Further, since the production cycles in automotive are traditionally too long to build and train AI in an iterative way, German Autolabs’ unfair advantage is our aftermarket approach.” – Cofounder and CEO of German Autolabs, Holger G. Weiss.

Bottom Line: You can get Chris for £252.09.