Gainbridge introduces embedded insurance offering

Gainbridge Insurance Agency, a Group 1001 company, announced the upcoming launch of its business-to-business (B2B) “insurance-as-a-service” platform targeting financial technology companies with savings and retirement solutions for their consumers.

Today, Gainbridge offers commission-free annuity products with returns through its digital-first user interface. With this new expansion, Gainbridge will offer white-labelled investment products to its business partners, providing risk management, regulatory and compliance oversight, and product development infrastructure.

Launching later this year, the new B2B platform will be an API-based, cloud-native platform, designed with flexibility and ease of integration in mind. Companies that partner with Gainbridge can expect seamless integration of applications to enable policy issuance, policy administration, and reporting that are tailored to their unique brand, user experience and design.

“The world of consumer finance is growing increasingly fragmented as individuals demand direct access to products and services and greater control over how their finances get managed. We’re excited to help address the needs in the ‘save’, ‘invest’, and ‘protect’ legs of the consumer financial journey, and we want to empower companies by making it easier to offer these to their customers by bringing down the barriers to entry in the insurance world.” – Justin Wee, Chief Strategy Officer, Life & Annuity, at Group 1001.

One of Gainbridge’s first partners, SAVE, a Houston-based “savetech” platform, sees the value of fixed annuities in providing additional yield for its customers. SAVE started working with Gainbridge earlier this year and sees the technology investment to streamline purchases of annuities offered on the Gainbridge platform as a differentiator in the insurance space.

“Our partnership with Gainbridge is changing how investments in annuities are made with a technology solution that allows us to process annuities paperlessly. We’re fortunate to count Gainbridge as a trusted partner.” – Michael Nelskyla, CEO and Founder of Save Advisers .