Fuzzy partners with JetBlue

Digital pet health company Fuzzy and JetBlue Airways announced a new partnership that includes an exclusive membership offer for JetBlue customers who fly with their pets.

Now, JetBlue customers who book their flights with a pet will receive an exclusive, pre-flight Fuzzy membership offer valid for one year. With Fuzzy, JetBlue pet parents will receive 24/7 access to veterinarians through Fuzzy’s telehealth platform, top vet-curated products for pre and post-travel needs (such as anti-anxiety chews, calming collars, and emergency kits), educational tools and materials, and the ability to sync and store all pet medical records in one place.

“Fuzzy’s number one goal is to bring joy to pet parenthood, and that should include traveling with pets. We’re here to make caring for your pet easy, accessible, and affordable. Whether on the move or at home, Fuzzy is with pet parents every step of the way unlocking expert veterinary access whenever and wherever you and your pet need it.” – Zubin Bhettay, CEO and cofounder of Fuzzy.

In addition to the exclusive membership offer for customers, JetBlue crewmembers will also receive an exclusive discount starting in November 2022.

“We want our customers to feel confident and prepared when traveling with pets. As a brand committed to customer comfort and providing value, our partnership with Fuzzy helps ensure a seamless journey for customers – both human and four-legged.” – Mariya Stoyanova, director, product development, JetBlue.