Five Sigma Launches New Resilience Dashboards Package to Help P&C Insurers Battle Economic Downturn

Five Sigma, an emerging leader in cloud-native insurance claims management solutions (CMS), today announced the launch of a new Resilience Dashboards package, empowering P&C insurance leaders with a set of six dashboards designed to help them be resilient in the face of the current economic downturn. The Resilience Dashboards provide insurers with intelligent claims data and the insights needed to improve time to resolution, better control their indemnity expenses, and reduce claims leakage.

“We know that these are challenging times for insurance companies. Going into 2023, insurers must demonstrate remarkable flexibility and resilience in order to overcome a host of economic hurdles – from rising inflation and interest rates to natural catastrophes to the looming threat of recession,” said Oded Barak, Five Sigma Co-founder and CEO. ”We designed our new Resilience Dashboards so that they can focus their efforts and innovation on improving those areas. In turn, this will boost profitability and drive better business outcomes.”  

Using Five Sigma’s Resilience Dashboards, allows insurance leaders to take a deep dive into critical claims data such as:

  • Initial handling time
  • Claims cycle time 
  • Pending claims inventory 
  • Recovery and forecasted recovery amounts 
  • Cost of exposures by severity 
  • Productivity

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About Five Sigma

Five Sigma is a cloud-native, data-driven Claims Management Solution (CMS) with embedded AI/ML capabilities to allow simple and smart claims processing for the insurance industry. Five Sigma simplifies claims management by adding automated claims processing workflows, using data modeling and AI to provide smart recommendations, improving adjusters’ decision-making processes and reducing errors. Leading insurance carriers, insurtechs, TPAs and self-insured companies use Five Sigma’s CMS to modernize their claims operations, reduce claims leakage, enhance compliance, and improve their customers’ experience. For more information, visit:

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