Finch introduces benefits solution

Finch API, the startup allowing applications to access data and make changes across payroll and HR systems through a single API, has launched Benefits, a new solution for the benefits category.

Finch’s new Benefits product gives developers, benefits administrators, and employment providers the ability to create benefits and manage employee enrollment, deduction and contribution across employment providers via a single API. The new solution supports a variety of benefits such as 401(k), 403(b), HSA, FSA, and offers detailed benefits information including frequency, company contributions, and employee deductions.

“Finch has allowed us to streamline our required integrations with our client’s payroll administrators, freeing our clients and Lane Health from having to expend time and resources to perform these payroll system integrations and file exchanges. By providing Lane Health with access to 95 payroll systems, we can deliver a superior client experience very effectively and efficiently. Finch has and will continue to be a valued partner for enabling our growth and achieving our business goals.
– Crystal Peel, VP of Client Solutions at Lane Health.

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