FidentiaX Launches to Allow Peeps to Trade Insurance Policies on Blockchain

Meet FidentiaX :



Think: a Singapore-based startup established this year to offer a marketplace for tradable insurance policies on the blockchain. Turns out the tradable insurance market is faced with a few problems. One. Policyholders are unaware that policies are tradable assets which could be sold in the open market for a higher value. Two. It’s hard to connect sellers and buyers, and when the two parties do connect, there may be a ‘trust issue’.


Enter FidentiaX, which is currently in development phase looking to build a membership-based ecosystem to solve these problems.



Also, according to the startup’s press release, it will initially focus on building its operations within Asia (think: Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore) before executing its global expansion strategy. Download the Fidentiax whitepaper if you’re interested in reading about different types of tokens.