Fidelity & Guaranty Life Drops Characters

Des Moines-based life and annuities insurance provider Fidelity & Guaranty Life has announced a bold new look, a shorter new name and a tagline of Experience the Power of Collaborative.

Introducing F&G: 



“At F&G, we live our brand everyday by collaborating with our distribution partners to help our policyholders plan for their future and achieve financial independence. Our new brand conveys the commitment we have demonstrated over the past 60 years to offering great products that help hundreds of thousands of Americans to achieve their hopes and dreams.” – F&G President and CEO Chris Blunt.

“F&G has made a commitment to introduce simplification into the complex world of annuities and insurance with streamlined messaging, agent sales materials and customer product brochures to make it even easier for customers to make more informed and competent decisions. The new system harmonizes all of these elements with an original visual voice highlighted by an attractive logo and a contemporary yellow and purple color palette.”


Bottom Line: Still a Finance Group.