EZLynx announces device insurance quoting via partnership with Cell Brokerage

EZLynx , a software solution for independent insurance agencies, announced its partnership with Cell Brokerage to offer GRIP device insurance. The partnership will deliver EZLynx customers access to device insurance directly inside the Rating Engine. “GRIP device insurance is the gold standard of mobile device coverage, providing device insurance for the modern world with many options from which customers can choose. GRIP offers plans that can fit any customer’s unique needs and budgets, making it an excellent addition to round out agent’s accounts.”

“Cell Brokerage is excited about the strategic partnership with EZLynx. This integration allows us to bring device insurance to the forefront of agencies with just a few clicks. Agencies can now offer GRIP device Insurance to their customers and insure up to 10 devices under one policy.” – Steve Thompson, President of Cell Brokerage.

GRIP by Cell Brokerage is the latest addition to the EZLynx Connect platform. EZLynx Connect provides third-party businesses an avenue to distribute their products and services directly within the EZLynx platform. The EZLynx open framework allows carriers and vendors to work side-by-side with EZLynx technologists to innovate and integrate solutions to better the agency workflow.

“In today’s digital world, device insurance is a natural product addition for any agent. The amount of people relying on their devices has increased dramatically over the last year and this is a perfect way for agents to help their customers protect them, right from within EZLynx. We continue to add more ways for agents to insure and service their customers through EZLynx Connect.” – Kevin Coplin, EZLynx director of carrier relations.