Evident launches generative AI solution

Evident , an insurance verification solution, has launched Evie, a generative AI solution for risk managers to streamline and simplify the insurance verification process.

For risk managers, Evie offers an array of benefits, including expedited access to critical data and immediate guidance on leveraging Evident’s solutions to their full potential. In addition, business partners can actively interact with Evie, receiving personalized guidance every step of the way and eliminating the need for risk managers to personally address each interaction themselves. Evie’s capabilities extend to aiding vendors, brokers, and other external parties in uploading and verifying necessary documents and even configuring workflows to further streamline the entire process instantly.

“At Evident, we are committed to leveraging AI technology to radically increase compliance rates efficiently for our clients. Evie, our AI Virtual Assistant, is a prime example of this commitment. We are confident that Evie’s capabilities will redefine the way risk managers and their business partners interact with one another, paving the way for greater efficiency and effectiveness for the entire industry.” – Devon Wijesinghe, President at Evident.