Ethos Life partners with AIP Marketing Alliance

Ethos Life has partnered with AIP Marketing Alliance, an Integrity Company, to provide its life insurance products through AIPMA’s partners and agents.

AIPMA agencies, agents and future clients will now have access to Ethos’ product selection, allowing users access to multiple products, product types and carriers to get “the best product and underwriting class instantly.”

“Life insurance continues to be an area where many Americans are either underinsured or not insured at all, despite the fact that more than half of Americans agree it is one of the most important end-of-life preparations one can make. With AIPMA, we are able to partner with one of the best in the business to help their agents expand their product selection, shop multiple products and product types, and get their clients the best product and underwriting class instantly.” – Erin Lantz, chief revenue officer at Ethos.

“Ethos has capabilities and features in the space that cannot be found elsewhere, including a seamless purchase process and a policy for nearly everyone. Life insurance is one of the most important things an individual can have to protect themselves and their families. By working with Ethos, we can ensure our clients have access to the right coverage and protections they need.” – Rick Kisser, president, AIPMA.