Etherisc Launches Flight Delay Insurance On Blockchain

Munich-based decentralized insurance platform provider Etherisc has announced that its flight delay insurance can now be purchased with ETH, USD, EUR and GBP from a risk-bearing Ethereum Smart Contract . Coverage is underwritten by Malta-based Atlas Insurance. Also, the coverage is currently offered to those traveling to Cancún, Cozumel, or Merida airports. Look:



Did You Know? There are roughly 14 million Bitcoin wallets and 1.2 million Ethereum wallets globally. A user can have many wallets (active or not), hence the number of users actively using these wallets is lower.


Etherisc first launched its Flight Delay Dapp over a year ago making it the first decentralized insurance application which can issue policies and pay out valid claims completely autonomously. Recall: back in September, AXA launched Fizzy, dubbed as the next-gen parametric insurer for flight delay, which uses Ethereum blockchain to store and process payouts.


Bottom Line: and we have a buyer….