Envelop Risk launches Cyber Partnership Platforms

Cyber MGA Envelop Risk has launched its Cyber Partnership Platforms – a program for cedents wishing to either enter the cyber risk market or expand their existing participation.

The initiative is designed to enable cedents to grasp the opportunity cyber presents in a controlled, scalable and profitable way. It will be led by co-founder Jonathan Spry and executive vice president Simon Welton and will make Envelop’s underwriting, insight and data analytics available to partners, enabling them to develop enhanced levels of sophistication in managing cyber risk.

Benefits include access to:

  • Customizable cyber insurance using Envelop’s analytics and modular wordings
  • A-rated reinsurance capacity
  • Claims handling and incident response support
  • Bespoke treaty structuring
  • Pricing models
  • Underwriting tools
  • Advisory services – threat intelligence and portfolio analysis

“We are looking to add considerable value to our long-term partnerships, through this initiative. Envelop has the proven data, tech, knowledge and expertise to help cedants either enter the cyber market or scale their existing cyber business more easily. We can also assist with capital management and our engagement with Lloyd’s is continuing to grow. This initiative extends and is very much part of our mission to transform how the insurance industry quantifies and manages cyber risk by thinking like an intelligence agency and deploying the best available technology thoughtfully.” – Co-founder, Jonathan Spry.