Embroker Launches First Ever Fully Digital Directors and Officers Policy

Embroker’s new Startup Program offers instant D&O, EPLI and Fiduciary Liability insurance, tailored for tech startups.

Embroker, the leading digital commercial insurance brokerage, today announced the first ever fully digital directors and officers (D&O) insurance policy, specifically designed for venture capital (VC) backed tech startups. The D&O policy is part of Embroker’s new digital Startup Program, which also includes Employment Practices Liability (EPLI), and Fiduciary Liability insurance, its first through a new partnership with Munich Re’s Digital Partners. Starting today, coverage that used to take weeks to obtain is now available instantly and reinsured by Munich Re.

Embroker’s announcement marks the first time that D&O coverage is available for purchase directly online. It is also one of the first direct, digital insurance products to reach mid-market companies, with coverage available to growth stage and pre-IPO businesses with up to $250 million in funding.

Embroker founder and CEO Matt Miller said, “Our goal is to completely transform the process and experience of buying business insurance, and over the past year we realized that we can do that best by designing and developing our own insurance products. By design, Embroker’s new Startup Program creates what we feel is the best possible experience and coverage for several of the most critical insurance policies startups need, ultimately saving them both time and money. We’re excited to give startups the confidence to innovate, take risks, and build businesses.”

Startups are typically required to purchase D&O insurance as a condition of VC investment, but the traditional process involves sharing sensitive and confidential financial information, including equity ownership and financial statements, and it can take weeks or even months to secure coverage. Buying D&O insurance through Embroker’s Startup Program does not require sharing any sensitive financial information and the process can be completed online within minutes.

“Embroker is leading the way in creating significantly improved digital products for the future of insurance,” said Andy Rear, CEO of Munich Re’s Digital Partners. “We are excited about the partnership with Embroker and we look forward to our continued collaboration.”

“Every startup founder I’ve worked with complains about the lengthy and time consuming process required to purchase D&O insurance – time that they’d much rather spend building their company,” said Brendan Dickinson, Partner at Canaan. “Now for the first time, there is a better solution that takes seconds. We’re recommending that all of our portfolio companies use it.”



The Embroker program is available to US-based startups that have raised up to $250 million. Embroker plans to launch similar suites for other industry segments in the coming year.

To learn more, visit: www.embroker.com/offer/startup-program