Embri is live

London-based insurance startup Embri has officially launched to offer insurance at the point of sale for luxury items.

The startup delivers an omnichannel solution, allowing retailers to present insurance in-store and online for items such as watches and handbags.

Embri has collaborated with Movo Partnership, a broker network providing access to carrier products.

“The team have spent over a year in research and development talking to luxury retail brands and insurers. Embri fills a crucial gap in the luxury retail market by offering seamless insurance solutions precisely when customers need them most. Our platform offers fresh thinking, relevance, convenience and security – enhancing the customer experience while simultaneously unlocking new revenue streams for retailers.” – Robert McCarthy, non-executive Chair of Embri.

“Embri was developed with the consumer front and centre. The loyalty consumers feel for luxury brands can be further developed with this demonstrable commitment to quality and security. Our platform streamlines the insurance purchasing process, saving time and effort for both parties, and delivering insurance that is hyper tailored to the luxury item being purchased, and active at the point of sale.” – Simon Ball, Director at Embri.