Embedded Car Insurance

Insurance is a rarely differentiated product that’s sold to a generally indifferent consumer. That is the most important of all bottom lines when it comes to providing a rapid assessment of the insurtech ecosystem.

More recently we reported that Liberty Mutual acquired the assets of Fetch A Quote, a platform that allows auto manufacturers and dealers to integrate an insurance solution for customers at the point of sale. The press release issued by the insurer stated that the acquisition allows it “to further its embedded insurance capabilities as a leading partner in the automotive industry” as Fetch’s digital solution gives customers a one-stop experience for their insurance needs, offering comparative prices and policy options from Liberty and other carriers, presented to them at the point of vehicle transactions both online and at dealerships. 

Like Liberty, plenty of car insurance companies are attempting to engage customers at the point of purchase, whether online or offline. This research report examines an alternative distribution universe where carmakers, fintechs, e-commerce sites, and others turn to insurance to cushion their bottom line and gives a methodology for evaluating any embedded insurance strategy.

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