Elephant Insurance is live in Ohio a decade later

Elephant Insurance has recently expanded its services to sell auto insurance policies in Ohio. In addition to Ohio, Elephant now provides auto insurance policies in Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Tennessee, and Texas.

“Elephant brings the advantages of affordable rates and consumer control to our customers. We know our customers are looking for convenience and customized coverage to meet their needs and lifestyle. Elephant makes the process of buying and managing an auto policy easy and clear.” – Alberto Schiavon, CEO.

Elephant’s online account tools allow customers a variety of self-serve options, including customizing their coverage, adding or removing vehicles, making payments and filing, and tracking a claim.

Backed by Admiral, Elephant Insurance is a team of over 370 people. It is now live in 7 states offering personal auto insurance. It closed 2019 with ~$229m in DPW and it writes most of its policies in Texas ($103m in DPW as of 2019).

Finally, here are some snippets from Glassdoor:

“All of my managers have been fantastic as both leaders and friends” – April 16, 2020.

“In transition from small company to medium, not currently profitable, IT department is pursuing too many technologies at the same time.” – November 20, 2019.

“There are so many changes and unless you are management (which is useless) one sup tells you one thing then another one says something totally different.” – March 23, 2020.