Elephant Insurance expands to Georgia

Richmond-based Elephant Insurance announced that it has expanded its services to sell auto insurance policies to the resident drivers of Georgia. In addition to Georgia, Elephant provides auto insurance policies directly to consumers in Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Maryland, Tennessee and Texas.

“We’re looking forward to meeting new customers in Georgia. We know our customers are looking for convenience and customized coverage to meet their needs and lifestyle, and our team is ready to assist drivers to make the process of buying and managing an auto policy easy and clear.” – Alberto Schiavon, CEO.

Since soft launching Georgia on Elephant’s price comparison channels in December 2020, Elephant is now insuring over 1,000 vehicles. Plans to begin direct marketing to reach more Georgia drivers will start in March.

Elephant’s digital account tools allow customers a variety of self-serve options, including customizing their coverage, adding, or removing vehicles, making payments, filing, and tracking a claim and bundling other insurance products.