Eddy Solutions partners with AXA XL

AXA XL Insurance, the world’s largest provider of property and casualty insurance, has included Eddy Solutions as part of their newly introduced construction ecosystem, a digital platform that connects innovative construction technology to AXA XL’s clients to help manage and reduce overall risk.

“Technology has proven to be tremendously valuable in helping our clients monitor conditions on construction sites to avoid situations that can endanger our clients’ projects, people and profits.  As water damage is a major cause of loss during construction, monitoring technology like Eddy Solutions can help our clients prevent significant property damage by catching potential problems early.” – Rose Hall, AXA XL’s VP, Head of Construction Innovation.

“Water damage continues to plague construction projects, causing not only costly insurance claims, but also significantly delaying projects and impacting bottom lines. AXA XL’s platform is shining a light on the much-needed technology that empowers contractors and property owners, thereby reducing risk. In launching this platform, AXA XL’s Construction group has demonstrated their commitment to their clients by embracing IoT technology, and we’re thrilled to be part of their ecosystem.” – Travis Allan, CEO and President of Eddy Solutions.

The Construction Ecosystem officially launched in November and includes more than 25 technology partners offering risk management and data aggregation services. The system also offers a tech library, providing customers convenient and easy access to AXA XL’s list of curated construction technology partners.