Ecclesia to establish its own reinsurance broker

German intermediary Ecclesia is establishing its own reinsurance broker to create access to additional capacity providers – nationally and internationally – in the primary insurance and reinsurance markets. This will also make the purchase of individual insurance solutions much more flexible nationally and internationally.

“With the range of services offered by the reinsurance broker, customer benefits can be increased significantly. Working with reinsurance companies is also intended to develop individual products and thus create innovative solutions. In an increasingly intensely networked world, it is essential to sensibly expand your own value chain.” – Jochen Körner, managing director of Ecclesia Holding GmbH, who is responsible for the strategic direction of this new unit.

The business division will be organized under a separate company. Finally, the team of the Ecclesia Group’s reinsurance broker will also be based in Cologne.

About Ecclesia

With around 1,750 employees and a turnover of more than EUR 230 million, the Ecclesia Group is the largest German insurance broker for companies and institutions and one of the leading in Europe. With its extensive range of services, the Ecclesia Group primarily supports institutions in the social and health economy, churches and church institutions, as well as customers from a wide range of industrial sectors – from listed large corporations to medium-sized and small companies. The company is present in Germany in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Mülheim, Koblenz, Essen, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Leipzig, among others. The Ecclesia Group is also represented in six other European countries.