Easy As Frank

Aussie health insurer Frank Health Insurance has been honing its voice computing skill with the introduction of a Google Assistant voice app. Customers can ask about terms and terminology, generic coverage questions, nearby hospitals, how to file a claim and – you get the idea. That being said, the assistant doesn’t answer specific questions about one’s coverage.

Established in 2009, Frank set out to be different than those “many health insurance companies [that] pepper their web sites with industry-specific jargon. Complex limits. Tricky benefits. And fancy product names.” The Frank Way is different: Frank products are deliberately simple. There’s Basic, Better and Best Hospital cover, Some and Lots of Extras cover, and 50% or 80% benefit back on extras. And claiming is as simple as swiping a Frank card at the provider or emailing Frank a copy of the receipt.

Get a feel for Frank:

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