Ease Partners with Beam Dental

Ease, the HR and benefits software solution for SMBs, insurance brokers, and insurance carriers, has partnered with Beam Dental. As part of the partnership, Beam will become Ease’s newest EaseConnect+ partner, which will allow brokers to offer “a faster, easier, and more efficient enrollment experience” for small businesses looking to take advantage of Beam’s dental benefits.

“Our team is excited to partner with Beam and we look forward to offering this opportunity to our brokers. One of our goals is to bring carrier connectivity to businesses with as few as two employees. Our connection with Beam will help us continue to grow towards this goal.” – David Reid, CEO of Ease.

“Ease has built a really compelling system that many of our top brokers prefer to use as their home base for managing benefits. Beam is excited to be partnering with Ease to deliver our best-in-class dental and ancillary product experience to all Ease users!” – Beam’s CEO and cofounder, Alex Frommeyer.