duPont REGISTRY Group partners with Hagerty

duPont REGISTRY, a lifestyle brand focusing on the luxury automotive space, announced the launch of duPont REGISTRY Insurance.

The new licensed insurance agency will offer the “highest quality coverage and white glove service” for high-end car owners through products offered by Hagerty.

Additional benefits include a free subscription to duPont REGISTRY magazine, free listings on for vehicles insured by duPont REGISTRY Insurance, and more.

“More Americans than ever are purchasing high-end cars, and many of these owners have experienced the challenges of insuring these types of vehicles. Insurance coverage can be hard to find, costly and riddled with inadequate customer service that doesn’t understand the high-end car market or the experience these customers expect. No one in the space knows this market or how to deliver the elevated experiences that high-net consumers expect as well as we do. duPont REGISTRY Insurance was created to provide white glove concierge service to our customers and other high-end car enthusiasts. The team will help them lock in the best coverage with the most competitive rates in the country while offering unmatched support for their driven lifestyle. Owners of exotic and high-end cars are not looking for the quickest insurance option. They seek reliable, transparent and high-touch experiences, and this relationship was built to deliver just that.” – Antoine Tessier, CEO of duPont REGISTRY Group.

“We’re excited to work with duPont REGISTRY and its elite clientele. Properly insuring and valuing high-worth cars requires specialized knowledge. We have the data, expertise and world-class customer service these owners deserve.” – Derek Prechtl, Hagerty’s SVP of Sales, North America.

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