Driver Technologies launches Driver Trucking

Driver Technologies , a company specializing in AI-driven mobility solutions, has launched Driver Trucking, its first fully cloud-based video service for commercial vehicles. The service utilizes a smartphone in Kiosk Mode to run Driver’sKiosk Mode dash cam and safety alert app, which auto-starts and stops recording during trips and uploads the videos to the cloud for remote access.

“We’re excited to launch our first version of a hardware dashcam, the Driver Trucking solution, that will provide the first fully cloud-based solution for commercial vehicles. We listened to the market and saw a huge demand for full HD videos of trips, not just the 30-second clips that are typically sent up around camera-detected events. Your traditional hardware camera was manufactured in a prior age of cellular coverage, and because of that, it is programmed to send up as little data as possible, and loop record over potentially interesting videos on the device. We ship everything to the cloud in full, so you always have the video you need.” – Rashid Galadanci, CEO and co-founder of Driver Technologies.

Features include unlimited trip recordings with auto-start and stop functionality, cloud storage for easy access to trip history, forward collision warnings and enhanced sensitivity when distracted, a driver Score to encourage safe driving habits, and more.