Donna is Telling Everyone About Roost

The Gist: Roost Smart Battery helped save Donna’s home from a fire, exactly three days after purchase. Talk about a ‘smart move’. That was Sunday, March 26. This is now. The CA-based startup, which launched in 2014 and has since raised ~$6.5M, is collaborating with Willis Towers Watson to form a home telematics consortium for property insurers in the US  that thanks to Roost will be able to offer their policyholders a kit made up of the Roost smart 9v battery (for smoke alarms) and Roost smart water leak detectors. And what does Willis do in all of this? Advise. Better yet analyze (the data) and advise. “We’re excited that our engagement with Roost gives us a new way to help property insurers innovate” – senior broker at Willis Re, Willis Towers Watson, Doug May. And now to the word on the street. Roost, the product, enjoys 3 reviews on Best Buy and 200 reviews on Amazon.





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Bottom Line: B2B2C is typically a default go-to market strategy.