DirectAsia & Prudential Assurance Are Exclusive

Prudential Singapore – one of the longest-established insurers in Singapore – and DirectAsia – one of the leading online travel and car insurers in Singapore – have announced an exclusive strategic partnership to provide customers with a more comprehensive suite of life and general insurance products.

Under the partnership, Prudential’s close to 1m customers will be able to purchase DirectAsia’s travel and car insurance through its more than 4,800 Financial Consultants. In turn, DirectAsia’s customers will have access to Prudential’s suite of protection, savings and health insurance plans through the life insurer’s digital platform and benefit from the advisory capabilities of its Financial Consultants.

“We’re looking at an expanding protection gap in Singapore, with 8 in 10 people being under-insured in the country. The partnership with DirectAsia will allow us to rapidly widen our customer base by tapping into the growing segment of online consumers. Our aim is to bring insurance products and financial advisory to more people in a way that is most convenient for them.” – Prudential Singapore’s CEO Wilfred Blackburn (who at one point occupied desk #9 at the insurer’s Service Center).

Last, every DirectAsia customer who purchases Prudential’s insurance plans – regardless of the mode of purchase – will be offered the service of a Financial Consultant. “This is because face-to-face advisory is important in helping customers make well-informed long-term financial decisions,” – Mr Blackburn.

Bottom Line: Prudential’s Financial Consultants will now have the opportunity to reach the digitally savvy consumers.