Diagnostic Robotics raises $45 million

Diagnostic Robotics, an Israeli startup leveraging AI for clinical prediction, has raised $45 million in a round led by StageOne, with participation from Migdal Insurance, Clal insurance, Bank Hapoalim, and The Mayo Clinic.

Founded in 2017, Diagnostic Robotics offers a range of solutions to health insurers, healthcare providers, employers, and governments, with the goal of improving efficiencies and cutting costs. For example, its clinical assessment solution predicts the most likely course of care for routine patients and directs them to the most relevant site of care.

Diagnostic Robotics was founded by Yonatan Amir, together with Dr. Kira Radinsky, who sold artificial intelligence-driven prediction company SalesPredict to eBay. A third founder is Prof. Moshe Shoham, inventor of the technology of Mazor Robotics, which developed a robotic guidance system for spine surgery and was sold to Medtronic for $1.6 billion.

“We work on the basis of information from the patient’s personal file and also from questionnaires that we send to patients from time to time, in order to identify people who are on the brink of deterioration in their condition, using our artificial intelligence system, which has already seen tens of millions of files. We have shown that we succeed in preventing unnecessary hospitalization. In some cases, our agreement with the insurance company enables us to receive payment derived directly from the saving we produce, and the insurance companies recognize the economic value that the company’s tools yield them, and they reward us accordingly.” – Dr. Kira Radinsky, co-founder and CEO of Diagnostic Robotics.