DeadHappy raises $15 million

Digital life insurance startup DeadHappy has raised $15 million from Octopus, Headline, Volution, Verso Capital and Channel 4 Ventures.

Launched in 2019, the UK-based company allows users to get life insurance to fulfill a death wish, whether it’s something traditional like paying off a mortgage or buying someone their first car. DeadHappy sold over 24,000 life insurance policies to date. In December of last year, the company secured £5.3 million via crowdfunding campaign and at the time 18,600+ policies were sold.

“We’re delighted to have such great support from the VC community as well as the crowd. There’s significant momentum behind revolutionizing the life insurance space, but there is also a much broader opportunity for our death wish platform which allows people to plan exactly what they want to happen when they die. We’re here to help our customers think about how they want to be remembered and enable those wishes to be tied into their life insurance plan.” – Phil Zeidler, co-founder of DeadHappy.