Dave Clark’s resignation from Flexport and its aftermath

Dave Clark, previously a high-ranking executive at Amazon.com, has resigned from his role as the CEO of Flexport, a year after he joined the digital-forward freight forwarding company with the goal of evolving it into a comprehensive logistics provider.

In September 2022, Clark joined Flexport after dedicating twenty years to expanding Amazon’s vast logistics network. Initially, he co-led the company alongside its founder, Ryan Petersen, before fully taking the reins in March.

Clark is reportedly seeking political counsel for a potential Texas governor campaign in 2026, say those in the know. The current governor of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, is in his third term. “Today, Ryan and I discussed his desire to return to focusing on growth in the core freight business. In light of that, I feel that he is best suited to lead the company in that direction,” Clark shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Having spent 23 years with Amazon, Clark was in charge of the e-commerce behemoth’s entire logistics until January 2021. He later ascended to the role of CEO of Amazon’s consumer division, leading a massive recruitment drive and the expansion of its delivery infrastructure. Clark disclosed his departure from Amazon in June 2022.

Two days after Clark unexpectedly stepped down as CEO, Petersen, who has resumed his position as the company’s CEO, stated they intend to withdraw several job offers. Additionally, the company is thinking about renting out its office space. This move is aimed at reducing costs and bringing things back on track.