Data breach at Progressive

There has been a recent data breach at Progressive, according to our sources.

The insurer is sending out notices to customers today.

The message is as follows:

One of our third-party call center vendors informed us that it was affected by a security incident in which some of its call center representatives improperly shared their Progressive credentials with unauthorized individuals who performed the call center job duties. This gave the unauthorized individuals access to certain personal information for some of our customers. Based on information from the third-party service provider, the earliest date of employment of any of the potentially involved employees by the third-party service provider was May 2021, but most were hired during or after the fall of 2022.

We take this matter and the privacy and security of our customers seriously and have taken a number of steps to address the incident. Upon discovery, Progressive launched a comprehensive investigation and extensive analysis to determine what customer information the unauthorized individuals may have accessed. The third-party service provider informed us that it also conducted an extensive investigation and notified law enforcement.

We are starting to send notices to all customers for whom certain personal information may have been visible to any unauthorized individuals. Those letters will describe for each customer what information may have been visible. As a precaution, we are offering customers to whom we are sending notice a complimentary 24-month identity protection membership at Experian. You do not need to call us to obtain a list of your customers who will be sent the notice described above. We will provide you with such a list soon. If you receive any customer questions regarding this matter, we ask you to not speculate and to instead direct all inquiries to the Experian call center at 833-312-0815. If you have any questions, you may contact us at 877-776-2436.

Thank you for everything that you do for Progressive.

A press release by law firm Federman & Sherwood states that it is investigating Progressive for a data breach that occurred on or before May 18, 2023. The breach exposed sensitive employee data, including names, addresses, driver’s license numbers/State ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and other information.