Dais and Semsee partner to expand digital product offerings for agents and carriers

Dais, a startup dedicated to simplifying the process of creating new digital products for carriers and reinsurers, is partnering with Semsee, a leading commercial quoting platform, to expand products available for carriers and agents. The collaboration, in which both Dais and Semsee will connect to each others’ platforms via APIs and cross-promote their solutions, will increase the variety and availability of insurance products on Semsee’s platform, while providing Dais customers immediate distribution opportunities with broad groups of agents.

Dais’s Digital Product Toolset is designed to allow carriers and their intermediaries, such as reinsurers, to easily create new products. Semsee, which provides agents quoting and coverage information at the point-of-sale, will now have the ability to expand its options for agents, giving them access to both traditional commercial insurance offerings and niche products available through the Dais platform.

“Agents competing in today’s commercial market know that there are many opportunities to serve their customers by solving for unique and complex risks. Some are straight forward. But there are also unique risks they may sell only sporadically. We want to give them the opportunity to write more risks and do it as easily as possible using digital technology,” said Semsee CEO, Phillip Charles-Pierre.

Agents who use both systems will be able to sell more products directly to consumers via the Dais digital storefronts, which are configurable, consumer-friendly online sales experiences that can be personalized for targeted markets and distributed through online marketing and embedded insurance partnerships.

“This is a win-win,” said Dais CEO Jason Kolb. “We’re not in the comparative rating game, and we’re getting really good at helping our customers stand up new products in hot markets in record time, complete with API’s. We want our customers to be able to sell their products through Semsee at the push of a button for their benefit and the benefit of the agents who can start selling in a more differentiated way.”

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