Cytora announces Series A funding

“The love story between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy is more complicated than the story between Mr. Bingley and Jane. This is reflected in the violent zig zag of the time series” – Data Engineer at Cytora –  – uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze Pride and Prejudice.

Speaking of Cytora, the London-based AI startup has announced it has raised £2.4 million in a Series A round. Recall: Cytora was founded in 2013 to provide real-time geopolitical risk assessments to organizations that operate in volatile, emerging or complex markets. Basically, a political risk analysis platform with fancy datasets like ‘labor strikes’, ‘layoff announcements’, ‘product recalls’ and ‘data breaches’ to name a few. The solution allows users to customize their risk assessment to capture information relevant to their businesses and includes alerts for immediate updates when conditions suddenly change. “In the right hands, our data provides an information advantage which can drastically impact underwriting and trading decisions” said CEO and cofounder Richard Hartley.