CVS Group Launches MiPet Insurance Designed by Vets


CVS, the largest integrated veterinary service provider in the UK, is now also an insurance provider . The company has introduced MiPet Cover policies, underwritten by Zenith Insurance, under the tagline “insurance designed by vets.” “The more research we did, the more we realized there was an opportunity for us to go one better and to draw on the extensive experience of our veterinary teams to produce an insurance solution built on transparency, choice and efficiency, which would give our clients access to the very best treatment when they needed it.” – CVS’ head of insurance Simon Morrall.


Did you know? CVS operates four laboratories performing diagnostic services for the veterinary industry, seven pet crematoria, an Ecommerce business (Animed Direct), a veterinary recruitment agency (Pet Medic Recruitment), a preventative healthcare scheme (The Healthy Pet Club) with over 300,000 members, a veterinary instruments business (VETisco) and two buying groups (MiVetClub & VetShare). And it owns MiPet pet foods, products and medications.


Bottom Line: not to be confused with MiPet Insurance, by Hollard. Also, pet insurance provider, Bought By Many, which is celebrating its 195,000th member, may face a problem.