Crum & Forster announces launch of new life insurance unit

Crum & Forster announced the launch of its new life insurance business unit, building on the organization’s 2021 acquisition of Monitor Life Insurance Company of New York.

Crum & Forster’s acquisition of Monitor Life and launch of a new life insurance business unit will allow the organization to continue expanding its Accident and Health offerings. With Certificates of Authority in 48 states (pending approval in MN, OR), filings for the initial suite of products are underway and sales will begin in Q4 this year. The acquisition and new unit will give Crum & Forster A&H the ability to write a full suite of life products, and also give the company the flexibility to add additional A&H products moving forward.

The company will continue marketing through MGUs, TPAs, brokers, agents and program managers. Crum & Forster’s nationwide licensure also allows other insurance companies to round out their geographic footprint through strategic partnerships and flexible risk share arrangements.

“This is an exciting development for Crum & Forster, and we look forward to expanding our offerings to enhance our capabilities to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. As a business, we are committed to designing a diversified portfolio that delivers superior customer service to our partners. Our new life business is another step along that journey.” – Gary McGeddy, A&H president.

“We look forward to working with our partners to expand our value proposition and continue providing new, high-quality products and services. As we continue to diversify and put forth innovative product offerings, we’re excited to be a catalyst of opportunity within the life insurance ecosystem.” – Gary Nidds, head of Crum & Forster’s new Life business unit and its A&H Medical business unit.