Credit Suisse to launch new digital banking service

Credit Suisse is launching “CSX” and creating a new branch concept.

The new banking services – “CSX” and “CSX Young” – will be available by the end of October to allow cients to conduct their banking business by smartphone. CSX combines the expertise and experience of Credit Suisse with the user-friendliness of a digital-only bank. The new banking offering includes a private account in CHF, a Debit Mastercard for online use that waives foreign transaction fees, and an app with various self-service functions. Even the onboarding process can be completed swiftly and easily right from the app.

The CSX app will gradually be expanded in the next few months to include new features, including those relating to investments, pensions and mortgages. There will also be a digital financial planner to help clients gain an overview of their financial situation and identify any gaps in their pension, among other functions. From mid-November, a fully digital investment solution will be part of the services available on the CSX app. Mortgage clients will be able to obtain new financing directly in the app, together with features such as extensions of existing mortgage tranches.

Credit Suisse has also developed a new branch concept that was first introduced at Europaallee in Zurich. At the “Digital Bar,” which is to be rolled out at all locations in the future, branch employees offer clients an introduction to the digital world of banking and provide an individual, interactive form of personal advice. For more complex topics, specialists can take part in personal client consultations directly via video-conferencing. The new branch concept will also feature co-working spaces, multimedia group rooms and an event zone at certain locations. Credit Suisse will not only use these spaces itself but will also allow third parties to book them for meetings and will, for example, make them available for startup events. The new modular concept in the branches can be tailored to local requirements, allowing the bank to flexibly meet client needs in each location.

“CSX combines Credit Suisse offering and quality in an app. CSX is intended for all private clients in Switzerland who want to complete their banking business swiftly and easily and who value digital, professional financial advice. Of course, we are still available to serve our clients in person. CSX clients can decide for themselves how they want to interact with us, depending on their individual needs.” – Head of Digital Banking Credit Suisse (Switzerland), Anke Bridge Haux.