Credible joins Radius Bank digital marketplace

Radius Bank has announced it has expanded its digital marketplace for consumer account holders to include Credible , the online marketplace where borrowers can find competitive loan offers from multiple, vetted lenders in real time. Through this partnership, consumers can source competitive rates for student loans, student loan refinancing and personal loans through the Radius website. Radius Bank customers also check rates for student loan refinancing through Radius Online Banking and the Radius Mobile app.

When searching for the newest addition to the digital marketplace, Radius sought a partner that would help support its mission to deliver superior products and services to help clients meet their financial goals. Credible has become the leading online loan marketplace by providing instant access to actual rates from more than three dozen lenders. Credible’s marketplace integrations with credit bureaus and lenders make it easy for consumers to request rates without hurting their credit score or putting their personal information at risk.

“Competition among lenders benefits consumers, but only if they compare rates. We are pleased to offer a solution that can help our customers save money not only when they take out loans, but to manage their existing debt wisely.” – Radius Bank’s VP of Strategic Partnerships and Technology, Huma Usmani.

Interest rates are constantly on the move, and Credible has seen a growing number of consumers take out personal loans to pay off high-interest credit card debt. The Credible marketplace allows consumers with existing student loans or mortgage debt to see if they could save money by refinancing at a lower interest rate.

“Our ability to provide actual, pre-qualified rates helps the Credible marketplace stand out from traditional rate comparison sites, which only display marketed rates or rate ranges. Our unbiased and transparent approach to lending is proving attractive to partners like Radius who share our consumer-centric values.” – Credible’s VP of Partnerships and Business Development, Dave Lewis.

Credible joins Billshark, Lemonade and Ladder in Radius’ consumer digital marketplace.