Corelogic integrates Hover technology into underwriting platform

Property analytics solution provider CoreLogic  has announced the integration of HOVER property measurement and 3D technology into the CoreLogic UnderwritingCenter™ platform for insurance clients. The integration of HOVER  provides carriers an opportunity to better manage inspection expenditures while allowing policyholders to digitally participate in securing homeowner coverage on their properties through HOVER’s self-service app.

With the HOVER app, users are able to take smartphone images of a property and automatically receive accurate measurements, including the total living area down to the inch, as well as an AI-derived sketch of their home.

As a workflow solution, the integration eliminates the need to hand-measure the property and provides a more complete property view. It also allows insurers to engage the homeowner as a part of the property insurance process, offering time savings and an educational opportunity that enhances the customer experience.

“With HOVER automatically integrated to the CoreLogic UnderwritingCenter™, insurers can access detailed property information without disrupting workflow or changing existing underwriting guidelines. We are pleased to offer this advanced technology to our insurance customers to help them make more accurate, timely decisions when assessing a property’s current condition and making policy decisions.” – Rosanna Hancock, senior leader of client delivery, CoreLogic Insurance and Spatial Solutions.

“The accurate sketch that HOVER provides to homeowners serves as a single source of truth about a home’s vital data for all parties – from the homeowners themselves to the insurance carriers and inspection companies. This integration into the underwriting workflow helps determine a precise replacement cost calculation and additional insights to risk factors, while also providing transparency between homeowners and their insurance carriers.” – Kevin Reilley, Executive Vice President at HOVER.