CogniSure rolls out ‘Loss Insights’ for Hylant

CogniSure , an AI platform that turns unstructured data into insights, has launched its data analysis platform, Loss Insights, for insurance broker Hylant Group . This platform will simplify complicated documents into easily understandable data for Hylant’s risk management systems. It will also offer reports and a dashboard to help clients make smart decisions about risks. The new tool was set up in only four weeks.

Hylant is known for reliable insurance services, and by using CogniSure’s tech, they aim to improve customer service and efficiency. This tool will cut down the time Hylant spends on data processing by up to 80%.

David Blum, from Hylant, said they’re excited to work with CogniSure to continue providing top services. Sai Raman, the CEO of CogniSure, welcomed Hylant and said they aim to help insurance brokers save money and improve customer experiences.