CNB Bank and Trust partners with Insuritas

Insuritas has been selected by CNB Bank and Trust to install its full-service digital insurance agency platform, BUNDLE by Insuritas.

The insurance agency will be owned by the bank, embedded inside CNB Bank and Trust’s ecosystem, and engineered to offer a full-service insurance agency solution to their retail and commercial customers. Through the partnership, CNB Bank and Trust will be able to offer its customers auto, home, commercial, and ancillary insurance products.

CNB Bank and Trust’s insurance agency is scheduled to launch in 2024.

“We’re delighted to partner with CNB Bank and Trust to provide a full-service, digitally powered insurance agency to their customers in the Illinois and Missouri markets. Through our embedded insurance agency as a service, CNB Bank and Trust will now be able to provide simple, seamless access to competitive options for their customers’ insurance needs, all with a focus on delivering the right coverages at the right price at the right time.” – Insuritas Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Chesky.

“With our proprietary technology platform, we are able to leverage data-driven automation to maximize conversion rates with customers. Insuritas’ digital insurance assistant, Lily, is finely tuned to identify consumers as they are in-market for insurance, automatically reaching out on their preferred communication channel on behalf of the agency. We look forward to helping CNB Bank and Trust enhance its product portfolio to include a wide variety of essential insurance coverages.” – Insuritas EVP, Chief Marketing Officer Donna Jermer.