CloudCover to offer ransomware warranty

cybersecurity threat prevention platform CloudCover is offering an up to $1 million Ransomware Warranty backed by a primary insurance carrier of Munich Re .

Founded in 2019, Minneapolis-based CloudCover offers a fully integrated cybersecurity platform that addresses risk aware, risk control, and risk transfer elements for its clients. For the first time, customers are not only protected against attacks, but are offered an insurance backed warranty guaranteeing such protection. “For the IT executive, this is ground-breaking. For the executive suite, the potential liability resulting from attacks is abated.”

“In our experience, the best products come with a warranty – and cybersecurity platforms shouldn’t be any different. In addition to the efficacy proven by some of the most aggressive testing, we’ve worked with organizations in a myriad of industries — protecting their networks from cyber-attacks that could have become ransomware events. This RansomWare Warranty protects you financially from malware that turns into a ransomware event, so if you place the security of your network in our trust, we’ll guarantee ransomware protection.” – Stephen Cardot, CEO at CloudCover .

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