Clinc Raises $52m Series B

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Clinc has announced a $52m Series B round; bringing its total funding to date to $60m.

Established in 2015, the company – led by husband and wife Prof. Jason Mars (CEO) and Dr. Lingjia Tang (COO) – allows organizations to design and deploy next-generation conversational experiences in-house. “We’re thrilled to be democratizing the world’s most powerful conversational AI and to be empowering people to solve important problems and to create amazing things. We’ve taken the complexity out of machine learning infrastructure and we’re giving developers the keys to our AI brain to create and deploy their own customizable virtual assistants.” – Clinc CEO Dr. Jason Mars.

It initially targeted financial institutions such as USAA – the insurer allows users to speak with its chatbot via Amazon Alexa, yet with the new funding the company plans to scale its conversational AI to new markets. Bottom Line: An IPO may be in the works.