Clearcover, Now Available in California

Chicago-based digital MGA Clearcover is now live in California; offering auto insurance with the option of ridesharing coverage underwritten by Response Indemnity Company of California (owned by Fortegra).






Get a feel for its UI below:


Also, Clearcover has partnered with Compare, the Richmond, VA-based insurance aggregator owned by Admiral Group. Car insurance seekers can shop for coverage on and continue to Clearcover’s website, enter minimal-additional information (as data entered on is transferred to and purchase coverage.



And now to the business-personal part. Fast Five with Clearcover cofounder and CEO Kyle Nakatsuji(1) Most overused word in insurtech? Disruption. The very term is competitor-focused, not customer-focused. (2) What business advice you disagree with? That having a better relationship with customers necessarily entails more engagement. (3) Where’s home? Chi-town via Mad-town via Mil-town. Or just Chicago. (4) You need to cook one dish…Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken(5) Go-to takeout order? Two McChickens with light mayo, then throw away the bottom buns and combine into a double-top bun double-McChicken.



Questions? Answers.


To be continued when Clearcover announces new partnerships.