Cigna adds Talkspace to its virtual provider network

With Talkspace, Cigna will be making available to its customers a private messaging (text, voice, and video), service which will connect them to dedicated licensed therapists who engage daily through a secure app.

Customers will also be able to schedule live video sessions based on personal preference. Additional network expansions include customized virtual programs for anxiety, depression, burnout, substance use recovery and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Previously, the company partnered with  MDLIVE and Buoy Health to simplify the processes for individuals to access care. With MDLIVE, Cigna became the first partner to offer virtual care for annual check-ups. And as the COVID-19 crisis evolved, the company temporarily transferred hundreds of its nurses and physicians to MDLIVE for further expanding their capacity. With Buoy Health, it enhanced the latter’s capabilities to quickly launch an early intervention tool, which is now available to assess the COVID-19 risks looming on individuals in the United States.