Chubb and NetSPI launch cyber protection partnership

Chubb announced a collaboration with cybersecurity company NetSPI to strengthen clients’ cyber risk profile via enhanced attack surface management and penetration testing solutions.

Chubb business policyholders in the US and Canada can take advantage of NetSPI’s full portfolio of proactive security solutions, including Breach and Attack Simulation, Attack Surface Management, as well as a suite of comprehensive penetration testing offerings, at preferred pricing.

As part of this collaboration, select Chubb clients are eligible to access NetSPI’s Attack Surface Management platform at no cost. This solution continuously evaluates client attack surfaces for exposures and vulnerabilities. It utilizes its penetration testing expertise to decrease the probability and impact of a costly cyberattack, provide actionable insights for attack surface reduction, and decrease false positives to help teams prioritize remediation. ­

“This collaboration with NetSPI provides clients with peace of mind, enabling them to identify vulnerabilities, security issues, and exposure to risk before it escalates into a claim. This value-added solution is part of Chubb’s efforts to proactively identify cyber exposures that are difficult to detect using common scanning tools and to more broadly strengthen our policyholders’ security posture.” – Craig Guiliano, VP of Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence at Chubb.

“We’re thrilled to empower Chubb clients to proactively confront cyber threats. Too often we see companies forced to react after incurring losses from cyberattacks that can severely impact their finances and reputation. Chubb understands the value of ensuring clients enhance their security apparatus and minimize their susceptibility to risk.” – Aaron Shilts, president and CEO of NetSPI.