[Checklist] How to Prepare for Innovation in Life Insurance

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It is usually the result of a specific challenge or constraint that requires focused creative thinking and problem-solving. Many organizations want to innovate, but few understand how to create the right environment, team, and process to make it happen.  

That’s why RGAX developed Life Design Sprints.  These focused sessions typically include a diverse group of team members working to address unsolved, wicked challenges; identifying the solutions most likely to work; designing and building a prototype; testing and retesting; then learning from the results of hands-on experiences with real customers.  

This checklist includes tips and tricks necessary to successfully prepare for and conduct a Life Design Sprint, setting the stage for industry-disrupting innovation.  


Brainstorming Falling Short? 

Life Design Sprints break down barriers for immediate impact. Learn how they accelerate innovation in life insurance. Download your copy of the eBook: How to Accelerate Innovation in Life Insurance 

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