Cerity partners with Payroll4Free

Cerity , a direct to small business workers’ compensation carrier, announced its partnership with Payroll4Free to provide immediate cost cutting measures to small businesses. Payroll4Free and Cerity are dedicated to the small business community, providing a new model of flexible cost saving platforms with the ability to provide free online payroll services and Pay-as-you-go (PayGo™) workers’ compensation.

“As we accelerate Cerity’s position as a trusted partner for small businesses, it’s essential we integrate with best-of-breed organizations who can help small businesses save money, manage and grow their business,” said Tracey Berg, President of Cerity. “We will continue to reimagine insurance solutions and partnerships with organizations that align with our mission, passion and commitment to small businesses. Cerity is quickly becoming a go-to resource for small business owners looking to quickly reduce expenses and increase flexibility for their entire operation.”

Payroll4Free, which services small businesses all across the US, is the latest organization to join Cerity’s partner platform network. The partnership between Cerity and Payroll4Free provides immediate cost cutting benefits to small businesses, instantly providing free online payroll services and pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation. A few additional benefits from this partnership include:

  • Free online payroll services
  • No upfront costs. No money down.
  • Pay workers’ comp premium only when you pay employees.
  • No “guesstimates”. No surprises.
  • Automatic debits – one less bill to remember to pay.
  • Drastically reduce workers’ comp costs while protecting your business in uncertain times.