Cattolica Assicurazioni Launches an App, Returns to TV

Italian insurer Cattolica Assicurazioni has recently introduced a new app as it looks “to acquire new targets, from the millennial to the hybrid user.”



The app allows users to build their profile by providing intel on their personal and professional life, habits and personal interests. The data collected is then used to offer personalized insurance products. “The new App provides the client with a series of advantages linked to the multiple functionalities of the device: thanks to an artificial intelligence engine, the App is able to analyze the insurance needs of each user, who can register and manage his identity digital to perform “self-service” activities at any time of the day. Once registered, the customer will have access to the information relating to their policies and will be able to report a claim for auto and elementary insurance policies, monitoring the management status of the file with the possibility of uploading documents; it will also have immediate access to all the assistance services provided by the policies and the possibility of renewing them through electronic payment and completely digital processes. The notification center of the application will notify you of any changes in the status of your practices or deadlines on arrival, through a reminder and alert, allowing you to stay in touch with your agency through an asynchronous messaging service and exchange documents; it will also have at its disposal quick quotation services for the main Damage and Life products, with the possibility of requesting a contact and a consultancy to its intermediary.”


PS. A look at the insurer’s latest TV ad: