Blockchain: Collaboration is The New Competition

A look at insurers exploring and/or experimenting with blockchain .

[Spreadsheet]: Active VCs in The Insurance Space

Download Note: presenting companies covered on Coverager. Missed you? Email Share: .

[infographic] Insurer-Backed VCs

Mind the Giants – Top 25 P&C Insurers

[OnRamp Insurance Conference] The State of Insurance Technology

Here’s the script for The State Of Insurance Technology, which was first delivered at the OnRamp Insurance conference, April 6th, Chicago. ** “So let’s jump right to it.   But…

CUNA Mutual Gets the Green Light to Experiment

CUNA Mutual joins the long list of insurers with innovation units. Its Madison-based innovation unit is led by one Mark Greene. And it has the green light to experiment; and by ‘experiment’ think…

The AI Afterparty

There’s an AI party going on but we couldn’t find the guest list so we created ‘a’ version. All Yours. Bottom Line: versatile.

Insurance 2016: The Recap

Download here.

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