Canadian Broker Network and Quandri launch AI robot

Canadian Broker Network (CBN) and startup Quandri have launched an AI robot to improve how CBN brokers work. The robot will save time and money by removing duplicate data entry, making data more accurate and improving service for insurance customers across Canada.

“Having a robot for our home and auto insurer portal entry will save our members tens of thousands of dollars per year, improve processing productivity up to 800%, enhance data accuracy and customer service by enabling our members to reallocate resources towards meaningful customer value activities. CBN has always stayed at the forefront of customer-centric innovation in our industry. This is an exciting step in our modernization journey and a great example of how our members empower each other to gain the necessary solutions, service, scale and competitive advantage to help secure the future for independent brokers in Canada.” – Lorie Phair, CBN President.

Quandri CEO and Co-founder, Jackson Fregeau said CBN joins many other leading insurance groups that work with Quandri to eliminate hours of repetitive work.

“We are thrilled to partner with Canadian Broker Network to help brokers automate time-consuming and repetitive processes with our technology, which has been specifically trained on portal entry for Canadian Broker Network brokers.” – Jackson Fregeau.

The robot was first successfully piloted by CBN member brokerage Bauld Insurance, based in Nova Scotia.

“We wanted to explore the potential of AI and Robotic Process Automation to alleviate or eliminate redundant data entry, which is so common in personal lines. This allows us to reallocate resources to our real customer value proposition: speaking with customers and providing advice.” – Steve Earle, President of Bauld Insurance .