Bunker Now Even More Amazing With UBI by Chubb

Bunker, the San Francisco-based insurance startup launched to embed insurance directly into the contracting process, announced its partnership with Chubb to offer flexible insurance for the growing flexible workforce. Keyword: flexible.



“We’re thrilled to be working with Chubb, adding them as one of our key insurance partners, continuing our mission of eliminating insurance as a barrier to the Future of Work. We launched the first usage-based business insurance product with Chubb last year, and for the first time an independent professional can purchase project specific general and professional liability and secure proof in two minutes on our platform. The product is live in 43 states, we’ve experienced triple digit policy growth, and over ten Future of Work platforms have signed on as new Bunker Members. We’re ambitiously carrying this innovation forward and accelerating our product roadmap by building additional technology features and unique insurance products tailored to this rapidly growing part of our economy” – cofounder and CEO of Bunker, Chad Nitschke.


Basically, Bunker is offering a fully online experience from quote to purchase for independent contractors. Though Bunker does have “amazing licensed professionals (humans!).” Have a look:




Two more things. One. Happy clients include nextSourceTalentWav and Catalant; to name three.



“As the leading platform for on-demand work by elite business consultants, Catalant couldn’t be more excited to partner with Bunker. Many companies have strict procurement requirements that can make it difficult for their teams to access independent expertise. Fortunately, Bunker makes it easy for consultants in Catalant’s network to quickly obtain coverage and provide proof of insurance to our clients. Bunker’s on-demand insurance products and technology platform have been critical in enabling a seamless engagement model on the Catalant platform” – VP of Network Strategy, Andrea Black.


Two. As part of the partnership Chubb made a minority investment in Bunker. Bunker previously raised $8M from Spero Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Route 66 Ventures, along with insurers Hiscox and American Family Ventures.